How to Hard Boil Eggs Properly in Microwave & Oven

Eggs are most likely to be consumed as breakfast and are very simple to boil but many people face problems like cracking of egg or somewhat related to it like hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs and always look for how to boil eggs. When you boil eggs you are needed to take proper care and attention so before starting you will have to, first of all, be aware of the right procedure of boiling eggs. Here we are going to provide you with some points which you should remember before starting to boil eggs.

1 . You should never boil eggs which has recently came out from refrigerator because cold eggs can get cracked when directly inserted into hot water.

2 . We suggest you to use kitchen timer always for getting look over your eggs boiling time as if you will not keep look over time then this can be hazardous.

3 . When you start boiling a kind of pressure get exerted and this can cause cracking of eggs. You can deal with this problem easily by making a pinprick at the end of shell towards left this prick will allow steam to pass through it easily.

4 . For the purpose of boiling you should always use a small saucepan. If you will use a large spaced utensil then your eggs while crash with each other and its side which can make them to crack.

5 . You should also not allow your water to boil fast as it require a gentle simmer.

6 . We suggest you not to over boil your eggs as over boiling of eggs will turn black and become rubber like.

7 . If the eggs you are going to boil are fresh that is less than 4 days old then boil them for extra 30 second.

So, these were some points which you should remember before boiling eggs. There are two different types of boiled eggs about which you should be aware.


Soft – Boiled Eggs

We all know this very well that which type of cooked eggs we like and up to which level here we are going to provide you steps by which you can get soft boiled eggs. It is very simple and reliable you just have to follow the below eggs for how to boil soft eggs.

1 . At first, you have to take a small saucepan or a properly sized saucepan in which all your eggs will fit, now fill it up with the appropriate amount of water and cover them about 1cm with a lid.

2 . Now, allow them to get boil and when water started giving large bubbles at the surface of water then put eggs one by one into it by help of tablespoon.

3 . After it start the timer and let your eggs to boil for around soft boiled egg time which is 1 min and then simmer the time.

4 . Now, remove the saucepan from heat and cover it with lid and again set a particular timer by giving below timings.

* If you set the timer for 6 minutes then it will make a soft and quite liquid form of yolk with a white colored just yet and little wobbly yolk.

* If you set the time for 7 minutes then this will produce a firm and more creamy yolk which is completely set and white in color.

How to Hard Boil Eggs

Hard – boiled eggs

The second type of eggs which are piked by many people is hard boiled eggs, there are some people who dislike soft boiled eggs and loves to eat hard – boiled eggs but to peel the shell from them is a little bit tricky which can be done only by following the method specially for fresh eggs. So, for getting hard boiled eggs you have to follow the below mentioned steps which will tell you how to boil the perfect egg:

How to Boil Perfect Egg

1 . First of all you have to place eggs which you wanted to eat in saucepan of a accurate size so that they set perfectly in it and do not get crashed with each other. For taking extra precaution you can also prick a small whole at the rounded end of eggs this will prevent cracking of eggs after putting eggs in saucepan add enough amount of cold water into it and then cover the saucepan by 1 cm with help of lid.

2 . Next allow the water to come up with boiling point and then turn gas knob to sim , now set the timer for about 6 minutes if you wanted them to be little squidgy at the center or if you want your eggs to get properly cooked then bake them for at least 7 minutes. When the time passes then drain the hot water from saucepan.

3 . Now, after it cool your boiled eggs rapidly inside the running cold water and let the running water over eggs up to 1 minute and then allow them to cool for at least 2 minutes.

4 . If cool your eggs rapidly then this will prevent the black colour rings to get formed in between yolk and white part.

5 . Now , for peeling the upper part of eggs just hit them on hard surface and then gently peel off the whole shell starting from the end.

6 . After proper peel off, rinse again it with water so that attached part of shell will get removed from the egg.

7 . Once you get the complete procedure of boiling eggs then you can serve them by using different forms and varieties.

How to Boil Eggs Properly

Boiling of eggs is not very difficult and you can boil them easily according to your taste by following some methods and steps carefully, the equipment which you should have with you while boiling eggs are :

  • 4 to 5 large eggs ( or amount that you want )
  • Water
  • A large spoon
  • Stockpot or saucepan with a lid
  • Timer
  • Bowl , ice and ice bath

Step – 1 : First you have to place all eggs in the single line which are uncooked and then substitute cold water into pan till the eggs get submerged into water by around 1 inch of water.

Step – 2 : Next , boil the water completely by remaining uncovered pan.

Step – 3 : Now, after they get boiled remove the pan from burner and then cover it immediately with a lid.

Step – 4 : Next set a particular time according to the taste and variety you want with eggs like –

  • 3 minutes for get soft boiled egg with a just set whites and slight liquid yolk.
  • 4 minutes for getting runny perfect soft boiled eggs.
  • 6 minutes for creamy and medium boiled eggs.
  • 8 minutes for firm eggs which are still creamy.
  • 10 minutes for getting firm hard boiled eggs.
  • 12 minutes for having very firm and completely hard boiled eggs.

Step – 5 : In next step we need to set an ice bath properly.

Step – 6 : After the set time gets completed slowly remove out the eggs from pan and then submerge them into ice bath and make them cool to get peeling safely and easily.

So, by following the above methods you can easily boil eggs properly without any problem. It becomes very easy to peel eggs after taking them out from the ice bath.

How to peel off Boiled Eggs

After boiling eggs properly another thing comes is to peel off the shell from these boiled eggs. If you don’t know how then let us told you,

1 . First, keep your egg out from the ice bath.

2 . Now, tap the single end of your egg on a hard surface to crack the shell of it in slight way.

3 . Now, roll the whole egg over the hard surface so that all of the shells will get shattered fast.

4 . Next, hold this shattered boiled egg under running water and then start peeling off from the cracked end.

By following the steps above mentioned you can easily get the proper peel off for your boiled eggs.You will not face any problem with it.

So , here we have provided you all of the basic and necessary steps by which you can boil eggs in different forms and varieties.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )

Ques – 1 : Why do we need to put boiled eggs in an ice bath after boiling ?

Ans – 1 : There are different reasons for which we require ice bath as the shock of cold water will increase the cooking process and keep it on right track. This will also help you in getting your egg to be peeled off which will keep eggs in perfect shape. If you wanted your eggs to eat them warm then they will become perfect cool and peel safely or if you wanted to eat your eggs in cold form then leave your eggs into ice bath till they are ready according to you.


Ques – 2 : How to boil eggs in the microwave?

And – 2 : This question arises in different people that how to boil eggs in oven, if you are also thinking the same then let us told you it is simple to boil eggs in the microwave. Many people feel it impossible but we are here going to provide you the procedure which will help you a lot just look on it below :

1 . Take the microwave cooking fish and fill it properly with water so that eggs will get submerged into it and do not put eggs in it.

2 . Now , add a little amount of vinegar and a spoon full of salt which will keep your eggs away from cracking to get them peel easily.

3 . Now , put this container filled with water into microwave and allow it to heat till the water boils completely.

4 . After the water gets completely boiled remove the container from microwave and then place your eggs with precaution into it. Cover it completely with a lid.

5 . Next keep the dish back into oven and keep it on low or low medium temperature and let them to cook for at least 8 minutes.

6 . After the completion of 8 to 10 minutes keep out the container of eggs from microwave and let them still in the boiled water for next 8 to 10 minutes.

7 . Wait till the eggs get cool down completely so that you can handle them easily and peel our the shell of it.


Ques – 3 : What is the time chart for Hard Boiled Eggs?

Ans – 3 : People wanted to know about the hard boiled eggs time chart, here we are going to provide you one in the form of image for your better understanding.

Ques – 4 : How long to boil hard boiled Eggs?

Ans – 4 : We have already provided you the proper time in this article if you are also looking for the answer of how long to boil an egg for hard-boiled eggs, then let us told you. If you wanted to get perfectly hard boiled eggs then you should boil your eggs up to 6-8 minutes depending on your requirement.

Ques – 5 : How long to boil eggs for egg salad?

Ans – 5 : If you are preparing for egg salad and looking boil time then let us tell you. Just follow the same method as used for normal boiling and then let them to boil for at least 13 to 15 minutes so that the yolk will get completely baked and ready to add in the salad.